Reaper Game Store 9062 Teasley Ln.
Denton, TX 76210
(940) 484-9512
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Monday-Tuesday:   11am-9pm
Wednesday-Thursday:   11am-11pm
Friday:   11am-Midnight
Saturday:   11am-7pm
Sunday:   Noon-5pm

Open 7 days a week and located in the front of Reaper Miniatures' factory building, the Reaper Game Store is your one-stop place for all your gaming needs! We carry every Reaper miniatures product, a large selection of Magic Cards, a wide array of board games, and a variety of RPG games including Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder.
Reaper Game Store Regular Weekly Events:
Monday:   7pm Magic the Gathering Commander - Free!
Tuesday:   5pm-9pm Star Wars X-Wing open gaming - FREE
Wednesday:   7pm Magic the Gathering Booster Draft - $15
7pm Magic the Gathering Modern $5
Thursday:   7pm MtG Proxy Legacy - $5
7pm Force of Will Draft $15
Friday:   7pm FNM Standard Constructed - $5 entry
  8pm FNM Modern - $5 entry
  9pm FNM Booster Draft - $15 entry
Saturday:   Paint Club! Come learn how to paint from our staff painters
Noon-4pm - Free!
Sunday:   Noon D&D 5e Adventure League
Open board & RPG gaming @ Noon - Free!

We can be a little difficult to find, as we are cleverly hidden behind the emergency managment offices.
However, the 400' radio tower (with blinking white light at the top) in our parking lot should be a great locator!

9062 Teasley Ln.
Denton, TX 76210


(940) 484-9512

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